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NLC proposal to build on Lanrig Road Park Land.

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Some information on objecting

Key things about objections. They must:

It is worth noting that petitions are only viewed as a single objection, regardless of how many signatures they contain. It's better if everyone submits a formal objection.

Objections are best written by the person objecting. We have a standard letter that we think covers the main points but bear in mind this has been written to address what the proposal means to us and this might differ to which aspects will affect you.

Stick to the facts, removal of a park WILL impact on how pleasant it is to live in an area or the residential amenity. Negative impact on the character of an area, noise and disturbance are also a sure thing as are additional on street parking, through traffic and the associated road traffic safety issues that come with such increases. Additional litter is a social problem and is not likely to be viewed as relevant.

The area is parkland but NOT green belt. Planning for the residences built in 2014 was granted with the supporting statements that the parkland was designated as HCF1 B1 Community Facilities.

The following points (taken from http://planninglawblog.blogspot.com/p/how-to-object.html) apparently should be taken into consideration when planning a development:

Objection templates

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